How do you turn a midlife crisis into a midlife catalyst for change?

How about get yourself a sweet new mountain bike and commit to ride 92 of the best mountain biking trails in the world?

Oh yeah... I'm 50, not financially independent, a bit out of shape, and at best an intermediate mountain biker.

Join me as I overcome these obstacles and more in pursuit of my dream adventure.

There’s no way this could turn out poorly.

How do you turn a midlife crisis into a midlife catalyst for change?
You could buy a sports car. You could get counseling and talk through your feelings until the crisis has passed.
You could get a sweet new mountain bike and commit to follow your dream of riding 94 of the best mountain biking trails in the world (scattered across 10 countries and 44 states/ provinces/regions).

I chose the latter because...

I Need An Epic Escapade

Wait...what are you doing?

Oh the places we'll SEE!

The 94 IMBA EPIC trails* and IMBA EPIC Ride Centers* are scattered across:

Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Iceland, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, United States, Wales

* I have no affiliation with the IMBA but am a fan of their EPIC trails and EPIC Ride Centers designations and the attention they are bring to quality trails.  If you are too, Support the IMBA!

What is this Epic Escapade you speak of?

In October of 2017, I attended the Brown County Breakdown and experienced the mountain biking trails of Brown County State Park in Nashville, IN. Between the beauty of the area and the abundant flowy trail goodness, I was craving more before I had even left. I soon learned that the Brown County trails had received the EPIC Ride Center designation from the International Mountain Biking Association...and there were more of them. LOTS MORE! As I researched and day-dreamed about the trails scattered around the world, I had the startling realization that at 50 yrs old I simply didn't have enough time left to ride them all...UNLESS...
I completely upended life as I knew it. But that would be crazy. And irresponsible. But what an incredible adventure. It would be truly EPIC! It would be an ESCAPADE!

Can you say ROADTRIP!

With most of the trails located in North America and a lifelong dream of extended RV travel, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to combine the two!

Follow us as we learn the ins and outs of RV living.

To date, I've ridden...

6 of 53 IMBA EPIC Trails
Where Am I Riding Next?
  1. The Laugavegur Route in Iceland (53.7 miles over multiple days)

    August 5, 2022 - September 2, 2022
9 of 41 IMBA Ride Ctrs